I’m glad that this blog has helped so many people who were looking for additional information on this rarely talked about surgery.  Several years later I am still doing awesome from both surgeries.  My range of motion is amazing and I have zero restrictions in both my day to day life as well as being as active as possible.  I am now a mom to a two year old and have another one due in October.  Through both pregnancies I have had no residual hip pain.

My recommendation for people that are considering doing the surgery is to do it sooner rather than later.  My husband waited to investigate what was causing his hip pain (yes seriously how odd that we both needed the surgery!) and he needed the more intense microfracture surgery which did not heal AS WELL as my normal FAI surgeries, however, he has minimal pain and still is VERY active.

My catcher in college also had this surgery done and has had nothing but positive things to say about how she feels now.  But again the key is active participation in the recovery process.  Do not slack on doing the exercises and stretches after the surgery!!! Do not do the surgery if you are not willing to fully commit to the recovery as it is just as important as the surgery itself.



Almost 10 months after my second surgery

First off, sorry it has taken me so long to write another post, but I have been recovering so well that I haven’t had time to sit here and think about my hip!  So it’s been over 10 months since my last surgery and let me tell you…do I feel great!  In April of this year my husband and I took a trip to Puerto Vallarta where I played sand volleyball for over an hour every day.  And the best part?  No hip pain!

After having two FAI hip surgeries in which they not only fixed my labrum, but shaved down my femur to fix the actual cause of the problem, I feel great.  I would highly recommend this surgery to anyone who was on the fence.  I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

We did receive some unfortunate, yet ironic news, my husband has the same hip problems!  He will be going in for the same surgery in November, and I expect him to have the same results that I did.

When looking for a surgeon it’s important that the person do the complete surgery, not just fix the labrum.  The labrum is torn for a reason!

In positive news I’m actually expecting our first child in March 2014.  Since finding out this news my hips have held up great, however, I do have so popping still in my left hip, which had popping before surgery.  It doesn’t hurt or catch like before, it just pops.  I’m wondering if it’s because of my loosening hips?

Hope this blog helps some of you out there that are on the fence about the surgery.  Do it!  You won’t regret it!

10 Week Update

Wow, 10 weeks already!  I’m so happy that I’m almost done with this part of my life!  It has been almost a year and a half since I have gone for a run outside and I can’t wait to have the ability to just be able to run.  I see people outside like running to their cars or making a quick movement and I get super jealous.  But, worry not, I’m only a few weeks away from joining them!

So the snapping in my hip has finally gone away.  What fixed it?  Laying on my stomach with my knee out to the side in a figure four position.  I really do think this is a good idea to start doing around week 6.  I probably should have done it sooner, and wish that I would have, in hindsight it probably would have avoided a lot of the snapping had I started this sooner.

I’m now working out almost every morning.  Now, when I say ‘working out’, I mean that I usually do the bike for ten minutes and then hop on the elliptical for 20 minutes.  However, I am adding in some interval training on these machines.  I’ll do 30 second sprint with 30 second rest and seem to be doing fine with these activities.  I don’t think I’m ready to run yet, but I’m able to have more intense work outs on other machines, so that keeps me happy.  I have also been lifting upper body for the last week.  I’m doing certain machines that really do not involve hip flexion and have been totally fine with pushing it a little bit on upper body.

As far as exercises go I have added split squats, walking lunges, leg press, single leg balance on a half physio ball with knee bent, side planks, forward planks, planks where I lift one foot at a time, and physio ball bridges into a hamstring curl.

In other news the hubs did get confirmed by Nho that he does have a Cam version of the FAI and will in fact need surgery…really?! I mean this is just ridiculous that between the two of us we will have had three hip surgeries in the first two years of marriage.  What are the odds?!  Apparently pretty good!

9 Week update

Still feeling pretty good at nine weeks.  My biggest complaint right now is that I do have some snapping in my left hip.  The PA said it was due to tightness so I have been working more and more on stretching and range of motion.  I still randomly get some clicking and popping, even at nine weeks, so unless it’s painful, I wouldn’t really be too concerned over the sounds.

As of right now I’m doing pretty good in my physical therapy sessions.  I have upped the intensity of the exercises and I am up to 10 minutes of biking at a 5-6 resistance and being on the elliptical for 20 minutes, not a bad 30 minute work out!  As far as exercises I now do 30 sec plank holds, squats on a half balance ball, good mornings (google if you don’t know what it is), marching with the abs, as well as increased bands and weights on all of my other exercises.

I’m able to walk for long distances without getting sore, but still feel a twinge when I over extend my leg (taking too long of a stride).  I’m looking forward to being able to try and run in a few weeks!  I can’t believe I’m saying that, it’s been over a year since I have run last!  I bet if they were to video me while running, I would look very odd!!

6 Week follow-up appointment

I went to my six week follow-up appointment with Dr. Nho yesterday.  My range of motion on both sides was excellent and I was at a great spot for 6 weeks out, how encouraging this time around as I was so far behind during my first.  The difference?  I really pushed the range of motion after I hit my three week clearance….no I didn’t go crazy with pushing through pain but I did experience a lot of tightness and stiffness in the joint, which yes, can be confused with pain.  The figure fours and the quadruped rocks really help with getting range of motion back.  It’s the combo of the two that I did multiple times throughout the day to get at full range.  I would say at four week out I could start sitting crossed legged (with effected hip crossed) and push down slightly on the knee to encourage that range of motion.  Yes, it may feel very uncomfortable to do range of motion, but it’s worth it to get after the three week clear.  From time to time I do get audible popping in my hip…I was told that’s because the muscles are not strong enough to support the hip yet, and therefore, it pops.  I feel comfortable with the popping because I have full range of motion…therefore, nothing is structurally wrong with my hip and there is no need to worry.  I still have a slight limp, but nothing compared to how I was at 6 weeks last time (thank you range of motion).

We did check my husband’s insurance again and his insurance actually just picked up Dr. Nho’s practice so he will probably be going there instead.  

6 weeks

It’s been 2 weeks since I have posted and a lot of updates to write about.  It’s been a busy two weeks because I started a new job and there is a lot to learn in the new role and because my hip has felt so good that I haven’t needed to complain somewhere!

Anyway, I see Dr. Nho on Monday for my 6 week follow-up appointment.  At this point, I’m getting minor, if any, pain in my left hip.  However, my right hip has taken quite the blow with having to compensate for the extra weight from recovery of the left.  This has meant that my right one has been extra sore and had to work a lot harder than normal.  I have had to work on range of motion on both sides to ensure nothing is being lost on my right.

I’m currently walk with a slight limp but only when I go too fast.  We walked around the mall this past weekend for about an hour, and at the end, I was limping due to my left hip being tired.  I’m doing stairs normally and able to get in and out of bed without having to hook my foot under my left leg.  I’m still not sleeping on my left side, but will hopefully get clearance for that on Monday.  My range of motion is full on my left side and I only get tightness when I reach the max limit of motion.

Currently I’m doing some tougher exercises than before.  The main ones that I have added since the last post are marching abs, bridges on a physioball, hamstring curls with a physioball, side-stepping with yellow band, monster walks with yellow band (forwards and backwards), balancing on left leg on a foam pad, leg lifts while on my stomach, quad rocks alternate hand and foot lift, OHHHHHHHHH AND!!!!!!! I’m now able to do the elliptical for 10 minutes at a time!  I usually warm up with 20 minutes bike and then do 10 minutes elliptical and then do all my exercises.

In other strange news, my husband has finally thrown in the towel and is going to see Dr. Domb about his hips!  Unbelievable!  I really hope he doesn’t have to have surgery!  3 hip surgeries between the two of us?!?  That would be crazy.

Any questions?  Just ask!!!

4 Weeks Out

After four weeks of recovery I’m starting to feel better in my hip.  Having already been through the process once, I think it helps me in my recovery this time around.  Last time I was worried to do the exercises that brought my knee to my chest or the figure four.  But now I know the tightness and pressure in the joint are normal and that it’s a requirement to push it a little to get back full range of motion.  I also know that I need to be at full range of motion at 6 weeks, last time I did not know this and was having my husband put on my shoe because I didn’t know I could do the figure four position.  I’m definitely more educated this time around in that I know range of motion is more important than strength.  While strength will come, there’s only a small time frame to gain back range of motion.

Because I am still walking with a limp my left knee is getting sore, which is the side I had operated.  I’m pretty sure I had knee pain last time, but the knee pain almost prevents me from walking, more so than my hip!   As my range of motion has gotten better, so has my walking, but I’m obviously VERY slow and still have a limp.  If I remember correctly, I had a limp until almost 2.5 months last time.

On a daily basis I’m riding a stationary bike and doing my exercises twice a day, but also doing my range throughout the day.  Since I updated last I have added a few more standing exercises including one where I hold on to something solid in front of me (picture a railing shoulder-width height) and do a mini-squat. I have also added a balancing board where I keep my hips straight but tap the front and back of the board (guess it’s hard to explain).  As far as how I’m progressing on some of my other exercises, I’m almost to the point where I can touch my butt to my heels on the quadruped rocks and I can now sit and do the figure four…before I just did it laying down.  Just note when you do the rock it’s important to have your hands out far enough in front of you so you are creating that knee to chest movement.  When I find my hands are too close underneath me I’m not forcing the rang of motion as much.  I have two and a half weeks to get to full range of motion before my doc appt on the 28th so I’m really trying to keep up with the exercises!